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Monday, December 17, 2012

Post Facebook Status Via Blackberry

Hey Visitors, Did you notice when some people or pages leave a status / post on Facebook , they have their own custom ‘posted via..’ printed together at the bottom of the status. This custom status usually will show where the status was posted from and seems to be fixed according to the device they logged in.

For example, post an FB status from your iPhone, Blackberry or even from your mobile web browser, and you will see the device name reflected at your status like ‘posted via iPhone’ and so on.


1) Visit Facebook Developer Page and click on APPS Tab.
2) Click Create New App Button.
3) Insert App Name and click Continue. You can leave the ‘App Namespace’ and ‘Web Hosting’ as we don’t need them here. The App Name is the name that will appear in your ‘posted via…’ status, so choose as per your choice.

4) Fill the security check box and click on Submit.
5) Now in next step you have to fill some steps, just follow the below image as fill as per your choice.
6) Now your 50 % task is completed, here comes final step, Copy the APP ID.

You have now created your own Facebook App! Now let’s move on to posting with your new via status.

To share the post to your own Facebook Wall, you can simply copy the URL below, replace the ‘<APP_ID>’ with your own App ID that you have just created and open it in a new browser/tab.<APP_ID>&redirect_uri= 

Be sure to change the domain included in the last part of the URL to your own domain as stated in the Facebook Application form. In this case, I am using

When you open it in a new tab/browser, you will see a custom dialog box with your custom ‘posted via’ stated. Enter your message and click Share. Notice that in this example ‘via Ravi Mishra’ appears at the bottom of the status box.

After posting Google will be opened if you also given the same site in url. Just close that Google page and check your status via.