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Monday, July 25, 2011

Imran Khan Saying zardari Kutta

Imran khan, pakistan urdu qadri karachi.
let me add one thing more mush which Imran couldnt add due to some technicalities... U are BAYGHAIRAT aswel bloody useless creature, writing few lines in english doesnt make u a scholar... What the hell u have contributed towards the betterment of Pakistan... So dont fuck around with ur knave comments....
jaan tere per qurban IMRAN KHAN
Even if you are itching to blame anyone then blame west and muslim countries policy of 1980s. I wont blame them beyond that. As what happened after that is result of our failure to control such forces and leaders like nawas supporting them and promoting them.
What public said????????????
  • Extremists like Nawaz and intolerant people like Imran are fooling the world. They cleverly avoid the point that extremism in Pakistan existed long before Musharraf
    . Sunnis kill shias and vice versa, lashkars, lal masjid types, jaishes...are these innocent people as a result of drones? Who the heck are you fooling here. Why dont u condemn them? What was the need to do 911? what great service has that done to Islam except humiliating it and Muslims.
  • The blame lies with extremists. Stop fooling the world by blaming US and Pakistan Army or Musharraf.
    They did not do 911
    They dont blow girls school
    They dont blow darghas
    Shis sunni bombs went off long before US started drones.
    Lashkars, sipah, qaed existed long before drones
    drone is not ideal and i agree with imran to an extent that if gone wrong it can create more terrroists..however BLAME LIES ON EXTREMISTS FIRST. They have invited US and others. They have ruined Pakistan