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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make money with google ads

Make Money With Google Adsense

Google Adsense, the most popular contextual advertising service on the internet, can make money for anyone. Learning some simple tricks and techniques can explode your income even more.

Things you Need:
  1. Make a Website or A Blog
  2. Signup for a Google Adsense account
  3. Spend some time working and advertising you website blog or script whatever it may be.
  1. Create a website or blog to put Google Adsense on. Your website should focus on a particular niche or keyword and be optimized for search engine traffic.

  2. Sign up for a Google Adsense account. This is free and easy. After signing up, you have access to all the possible ad blocs and links necessary to make money with Adsense.

  3. Insert the code for a Google Adsense ad block or link into your website or blog. This ad block should be above the fold. That means it should be visible on your blog or site without scrolling down. The colors should match your website. You can use up to three Google Adsense ad blocks per website or blog.

  4. Get traffic to your website. Making money with Google Adsense is all about getting traffic. The more traffic you receive, the more people will click on the Adsense ads and the more money you will make.

  5. Wait and continue building. You cannot build a website and leave it alone and expect to make money from Google Adsense. Keep adding keyword specific content, link building, and advertising. As your site and counter numbers grow, so will your Google Adsense account.